Half Moon presents:

New Moon - A Night of New Music

Rasta Dine + FOIL + Taylor Sackson + Matthew Falloon (Smoke Feathers)

Half Moon - Putney, London

£2.50 Adv / Door
Entry Requirements: 18+ after 7pm

A night of new music and discovery. Singer-songwriters, bands, poets, performance artists...

Founded in January 2017, New Moon offers music fans the chance to see the best up-and-coming acts from the UK, Europe, and often from around the globe.

Only £2.50 entry. Food served until 10pm. Doors open 7:30pm.

If you would like to perform at a future New Moon please apply via music@halfmoon.co.uk

Line Up

Rasta Dine is the rising star of Afrobeats, singing in the Creole Language of Guinea-Bissau, West Africa.

In the mystical lands of Guinea-Bissau, nestled in the heart of West Africa, a young soul revered as Rasta Dine, graced the world with his presence. His melodic journey began at the tender age of 12, within the vibrant tapestry of Bissau, Bairro Militar, in the year 2009. It was on a momentous occasion, the commemoration of Dr. Jorge Sampaio's private school, where his kin pursued knowledge. Amidst the jubilant festivities, his cousin, an architect of fate, ushered him onto the illustrious stage of a renowned musical contest known as "Playback." In a symphony of destiny, he claimed the coveted first place in his division, thus heralding the dawn of a musical legacy that would echo through the annals of time.

In the realm of artistic creation, a maestro nurtured by the essence of his ancestral lineage breathes life into his melodic tapestries through the vibrant hues of Afrobeat, a harmonious blend intertwining the rhythms of Africa with the soulful notes of jazz, funk, and modern melodies. Among the constellation of stars in this musical galaxy, Fela Kuti shines as the luminary guide of Afrobeat's path.

"In the heartbeat of Afrobeat, echoes of Tina's vigor, Djambadon's reverberations, and whispers of Guinea-Bissau's traditional melodies converge in a symphony of resonance. This tether to my origins kindles within me a wellspring of inspiration and tender devotion.

Originally formed in Bristol, FOIL are a South London-based indie trio, whose key influences include Radiohead, Joni Mitchell and American Football. Their recently released debut record, ‘Swim To The Top, Sink At The View’ is a moody, riff-driven lament to the band’ past life in Bristol. It spans the process of growing up and tracks big changes in the band’s life. The record was written, recorded and mixed in the band’s shared house in New Cross.

Taylor Sackson filters the grandeur of classic rock, the storytelling prowess of country, and the studio largeness of Nashville through the lens of modern indie-pop.

The now LA-based singer/songwriter cut her teeth in the Phoenix music scene throughout her teenage years. She lent her powerhouse vocals to several notable projects, which led to The Arizona Republic stating: “Taylor Sackson can wail with the best of them.”

In 2021, she made the move to Los Angeles to pursue music full-time.

“I’ve played shows to two people and I’ve played shows to 60,000,” Sackson explains. “I’ve learned to realize that music and performing are the root of who I am. It’s not just a thing I prefer to do in my full time, it’s how I function.”

Lyrically, she brings a young, modern perspective to classic songwriting tropes—friendship, love, loss.

Her ability to deliver vulnerable lyrics with a sense of innate confidence is on full display in her debut single, “Inertia”, where she sings: “I wake up in a puddle/I wring myself out/I sing to the radio/At least it listens to me.”

Throughout 2022 Sackson has performed at several notable events and venues—including Hotel Cafe’s Writers Block, Troubadour, and WFNM—and has been busy recording her debut album in LA.

Matthew Falloon is the lead singer and songwriter for former EMI-signed band Smoke Feathers. Uncut magazine compares Matthew’s songwriting to classic artists such as Jackson Browne and Paul Simon, while R2 magazine described Smoke Feathers' first album Liberation as "exceptional" and "breathtakingly beautiful". His latest album – World Without Belief – was co-produced with Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor and recorded by award-winning engineer Shuta Shinoda (Spiritualized, Ghostpoet).

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