Half Moon presents:

New Moon - A Night of New Music

Adam Saunders + Namsakē + Rona Mac + Colton Lee Wilks + Courtney Visser

Half Moon - Putney, London

£2.50 Adv / Door
Entry Requirements: 18+ after 7pm

A night of new music and discovery. Singer-songwriters, bands, poets, performance artists...

Founded in January 2017, New Moon offers music fans the chance to see the best up-and-coming acts from the UK, Europe, and often from around the globe.

Only £2.50 entry. Food served until 10pm. Doors open 7:30pm. Free Camden Town Beer for the first 24 customers.

If you would like to perform at a future New Moon please apply via music@halfmoon.co.uk

Line Up

From the heart of the Surrey hills, Adam Saunders is a singer songwriter whose genre bending style has transcended into cohesive alternative anthems. From a young age Adam showed musicality as he would try and sing along to every song on the radio in the back of cars and ended up picking up a guitar at the age of 9, shaping his first musical knowledge around the songs of Oasis and other indie outfits. This love of indie music soon translated to writing songs from the age of 16, focusing his early songs around heartbreaks that hadn’t happened. At the age of 18 he released his first ep recorded and produced by himself in his bedroom. Later, Adam has gone on to study Songwriting at BIMM London university further developing his abilities and has amassed over 16k streams on Spotify.

Namsakē are a five piece Post-Emo Punk band from London; conceived at Falmouth University, providing an energetic rhythm section coupled with ethereal instrumental layering, punchy choruses and melodic vocals.

"I'm an indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from West Wales. I write songs about things that feel real to me, in hope that they'll feel real to other people. If I can talk about things we've been told we shouldn't, and help people connect to feelings they tucked away in their teens, then I'll be happy when I'm old. So I'm giving it a go.

I'm 26, I'm gay, and I live in a caravan. With music, I'd love to help break down walls of pretence: to question the comfortable boxes we put ourselves in and cut straight through to something more real. In 2019 I settled back home on the most western tip of Wales. I collected second hand and borrowed equipment produced an album in the corner of my caravan. Learning as I went along, I recorded songs that I'd written and gigged over the previous year and mixed and mastered them myself. I released my debut album, 'Sheelah', in June, followed by my latest single 'Weapon' released with Rose Parade Record label in Cardiff.

I'm now working on two new E.P's, collaborating with local artists for media and visuals, and gigging around the Wales and the UK (while we can, anyway!). Looking forward to meet you all, whoever you be"

Californian, Hollywood born and raised, Colton is inspired by music enriched from down to earth songs written by artists and singer songwriters from the heart land, known as Americana Music. Raised from a humble background in Classical Music from his mother's piano tuition, his original first love for music were from the classic artists such as, Bill Monroe, The Allman Brothers Band, Roy Clarke, Barbara Mandrell & The Mandrell Sisters, Eagles and many more. His life long curiosity and training in music never ceases.

A life of love and trauma shaped his sound into the music we hear today. Colton's experience is like no other, mixed with betrayal and loyalty. His love for music began from his earliest memories. His influences span over centuries, taking from only the most inspiring; artists such as Bach to Sly & The Family Stone to Adele. His love for music is eternal and equally shared amongst his peers.

Writing true Americana Music, CLW writes stories of truth and tragedy, suffered from the pain of his European family to the pain afflicted upon him as the youngest son of immigrants in the land of opportunity. Painting a picture not only with his experience, words and stories combined with melodies and rhythm from his abilities on all instruments; Colton's creativity is unstoppable. Not ashamed of his deep roots, Colton loves to share what he has to say about music and life. As a solo artist Colton writes, performs, records and produces all of his own music. He is currently producing an album for commercial release soon to be announced.

Recently in the studio recording their very first rehearsal, CLW and the Hill Billies of Rock bring their magic to the songs and their performance. "Video recording us play the songs really helps with seeing is believing, otherwise no one would understand" Colton said. He further expands, "playing all the instruments is not easy, first I have to record the drums while humming the tune in my head or follow a drafted chord chart to make sure I'm in time with all the other parts. The rest like guitar, bass guitar, keyboards and percussion comes after..." Colton stresses, "playing all the instruments is the best and only way to truly express myself, and that is why I did it for the recording of "Awakenings"; a song my co-song writer Alex Kay and I wrote in dedication to the film Awakenings with Robin Williams and Robert De Niro." Lastly, "I am the first to admit, I am not the best drummer but I am good enough to get my ideas across without offending anyone or stepping on toes."

South African singer-songwriter Courtney Visser moved to Yorkshire in 2016, where she spent her time at Leeds College of Music (now Leeds Conservatoire) honing her songwriting and rediscovering a deep love for harmony and texture. Inspired by artists such as Elbow, The Unthanks, Regina Spektor, and Sara Bareilles, her songs explore base human experiences such as love and grief through the lens of, sometimes, grand fables and scientific theories of the universe. Since the release of her 5-song EP Moments in February 2020 Courtney has found a home and loyal community on live-streaming platform Twitch, where she is partnered and plays 4 nights a week to up to 20 000 people. Live streaming (and isolation) has also encouraged her to learn to play piano and incorporate the use of a loop pedal into her sets, allowing live performances of songs that might otherwise only be played with a band.

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