Half Moon presents:

New Moon - A Night of New Music

Connor Adams + Paper House + Dead Orchards + Beth Keeping + Ruby Duff

Half Moon - Putney, London

£2.50 Adv / Door
Entry Requirements: 18+ after 7pm

A night of new music and discovery. Singer-songwriters, bands, poets, performance artists...

Founded in January 2017, New Moon offers music fans the chance to see the best up-and-coming acts from the UK, Europe, and often from around the globe.

Only £2.50 entry. Food served until 10pm. Doors open 7:30pm. Free Camden Town Beer for the first 24 customers.

If you would like to perform at a future New Moon please apply via music@halfmoon.co.uk

Line Up

Connor Adams, released his debut EP – Locked Doors, earlier last year reaching no.5 in the singer-songwriter charts on iTunes. Gaining instant recognition for his songwriting style Connor then began performing across the UK at events such as The John Peel Centre, Camden Worlds End, London Bridge Festival, BBC Introducing, Landslide Skate Festival and many more.

Connors ability to blend heartfelt lyrics and with a modern pop sound has adorned the praises of many industry professionals and no more so than Rupert Matthews of Monkey Puzzle House who has spent the past year working on a brand new and masterful 6 track E.P. Set be released in late 2017 this E.P brings the latest “heart on sleeve stories” of Connor’s personal life alongside an array of the world’s best musicians adding genuine music integrity to every track without losing any of the commercial brilliance that Connor seems to find so easily.

2019 is already set to be a big year with Connor looking to line up a number of tour across and beyond the UK music scene as well as up to 6 single releases, each and every one a hit that will excite the masses from live music venues to nightclubs and beyond.

‘an up and coming star’BBC introducing

They are a female-fronted 5 piece indie-folk band based in Southampton. They write and perform original music blending unique vocal stylings with experimental song structures to create interesting and original soundscapes.

Acoustic duo from South East England.

Beth Keeping draws influences both from traditional country storytelling and modern pop music. Debuting at #3 on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart in 2018 with her EP 'Fool', Beth’s fresh lyrical approach and emotive vocals are building her a reputation as one to watch on the singer-songwriter scene. She is also a passionate supporter of other women in music and founded the 'Write Like A Girl' movement to put the spotlight back on female songwriters.

Ruby Duff biography“It’s difficult to describe my songwriting process. Rarely do I sit down to actively write a song. Most of the melodies come to me through dreams”.Listen to any of Ruby Duff’s songs and the pieces of a jigsaw that shouldn’t fit together, do. Theatrical sensuality swirls amongst a layering of gymnastic vocals that arc off on a tangent of experimental accessibility and incredible soprano in an instant. There’s a certain predictability in music these days and to the trained ear the tired pattern of chords and lyrics can mostly be anticipated. It’s refreshing, therefore, that the path that Rubyhas decided to take lends itself to spontaneity. “Moon and Back”fuses lullaby elements with Ruby’s trademark operatics, and wouldn’t be out of place on Kate Bush’s debut album, The Kick Inside.It’s a gorgeous ringleader of a track, the master of ceremonies at Ruby’s carnival of curiosities,“Miss You”dips between waif-like vulnerability and the pounding electronics of its finale,all seasoned with crazy-paving string flourishes and distorted backing vocals. Even Alice would be perplexed by Ruby’s train of thought, and she’s been to Wonderland.As for the extracurricularactivities, youprobably wouldn’t haveRubypegged assomeonetraining to be a boxing instructor. But that’s the beauty of the juxtaposition, that this girl who inhabits such a sonically ethereal space dabbles inthe more brutal art of boxing.Ruby is also a keen surferandis sponsored by surfing giants Quiksilver.Weirdness is reined back in via another of Ruby’s interests: her artwork. Her social media displays surrealist sketches that channel SalvadorDalí, and it’s a more accurate view at what’s going on inside her head.It shouldn’t be surprising that both of Ruby’s parents are psychologists by profession, as beneath the surface of fantasy and wonder bubbles an understanding of very sophisticated human emotions. The ingenuity of hersongwriting prowess is the unity of these two very conflicting thought processes which pit imagination against logic, and the fanciful against the tangible. Even outside of the studio, Ruby Duff inhabits a place of celestial ambiguity and mystery, talking about the inspiration of Judy Garland in one breath and elephant ornaments in the next, yet whilst the stream of consciousness is difficult to follow, her creativity and passion for what she does, isn’t.It’s clear that Ruby Duffwas destined for another plane and the best we can do is follow her barefoot through a dreamscape of oddments and quirks. What stays with you, though, is not only the sheer listenability of her musings, but thewisdom that exudes from this 22-year-old from Yorkshire.