Half Moon presents:

Chris Helme (Seahorses) & Mark Morriss (The Bluetones)

Chris Helme + Mark Morriss + Tom Sail

Half Moon - Putney, London

£12 Adv / £14 Door
Entry Requirements: 18+ after 7pm

Chris Helme

Chris Helme first rose to prominence as the front man of John Squire’s post-Stone Roses band ‘The Seahorses’ which saw him touring extensively and sharing the stage with The Rolling Stones, U2 and Oasis in numerous support slots. Now solo - he is still rightfully remembered for Britpop classics ‘Love Is The Law’ and ‘Blinded By The Sun’.

Mark Morriss

Mark is a singer songwriter who famously made his name fronting English indie outfit The Bluetones. Mark fronted the four piece over a successful and fruitful 15 year period, scoring 14 top ten singles and 3 top ten albums, whilst touring the UK, Europe and Japan.

Support comes from Tom Sail

Line Up

Chris’ enviable back catalogue, is bolstered further by his acclaimed works with The Yards, but it’s his last solo album ‘The Rookery’ that portrays him at his very best. The album combines melody with imaginative, intricate, three-way guitar interplay that brings each track to a lush, blossoming climax. Add to this Chris’ keen ear for arranging, plus some brooding string passages and it becomes the perfect platform for his wonderful songs. Melodies rooted in traditional folk are reimagined on an album of rich variation, testament to his most powerful weapon – his voice.

Mark Morriss is a singer songwriter who famously made his name fronting English indie outfit The Bluetones. Mark fronted the four piece over a successful and fruitful 15 year period, scoring 14 top ten singles and 3 top ten albums, whilst touring the UK, Europe and Japan, before temporarily disbanding in 2011.

After releasing 'Memory Muscle' in 2008, Mark banded together The Mummys and hit the road. He spent the best part of that year touring Memory Muscle while The Bluetones took a short sabbatical, often with his bandmates in tow, either sharing touring duties or joining him in the studio for the odd overdub.

After returning to The Bluetones to record their 'A New Athens' swan song, Mark re-focused his attention on his solo career. In 2013 he recorded 'A Flash of Darkness', raising the recording funds via a successful Pledge Music campaign.

The album was then given a general release by Acid Jazz Records the following year, whilst Mark continued to tour both as a solo acoustic artist and with an ever changing line up behind him. The various members of The Magical Sex Band.

In the summer of 2015 Mark recorded and released 'The Taste of Mark Morriss' for Acid Jazz. Intended as a companion to 'A Flash of Darkness', the album comprised a collection of cover versions of songs that had informed the writing of its predecessor.

At the same time as producing and touring his own solo material, Mark has produced Theme and Chapter music for the audio versions of David Walliams' successful series of children's books, from 'The Boy in the Dress' right through to his latest, 'The Midnight Gang', all released on Harper Collins.

The voice is new, yet it’s familiar – like the voice of someone you were close to long ago but exposing a new urgency and shades of longing.

This is Tom Sail, Manchester-bred, London-transplanted singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who releases his second single, “Wounded”, on 31st May 2019. A howling chorus and driving beat propel “Wounded” through a tight three minutes of what Sail calls his “retro-indie pop” with heavy rock and a touch of pop at the core.

Listen close for echoes of The Beatles, The War on Drugs, Oasis and Motown in Sail’s music, of which a 12-song album will be released later in 2019. The product of two years’ work by “scraping together” one or two days in RAK Studios, the as-yet untitled album will showcase his talents by playing every instrument .

“I come from a very musical family, and taught myself to play since I was 10 years old,” Sail explains. What’s the root of his musical passion?.

Some of the ideas he explores musically were generated during a six-month sojourn through South-East Asia, Australia and America and written “in the back of a camper van on a tiny guitar I bought in Vietnam”.

When he’s writing a song, he says that the process starts with “a mix” of any or four ingredients: melody, the story, lyrics and a riff. “Sometimes I will start playing the guitar and the song will just start with a melody, or other times I will pick up a phrase from a book or (something) written on the back of a bus seat which will inspire me to create a lyric idea around,” he says.

Perhaps with a nod to his Beatles and Motown influences, Sail turns to the melancholy of their early works. “I like how all the Motown and early Beatles are always about heartbreak,” he says. “I like to feel melancholic hopefulness in my songs – they are usually sad to a point but not depressing.” “Wounded” and its haunting predecessor single, “Two Weeks”, both deliver riveting musical introductions to this new talent. And what five words would Tom Sail use to describe his upcoming album? “Retro. Melancholic. Hopeful. Dreamy. Pensive.”

Listen to Wounded: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1vmc1CJe7s

Stream Two Weeks: http://ampl.ink/glo4W

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